Malcolm Gladwell: My Favorite Quotes from this Social Science Guru

If I had to highlight one author that has had the greatest impact on my psychological growth over the past few years, it would be Malcolm Gladwell, a Canadian born author and speaker. He is a long term writer for The New Yorker, and previously, a reporter for the Washington Post. His books make social […]

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Since this week is about creativity, there is no better book to feature than Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is the holy grail, The Secret of creative living. First, I just adore Liz Gilbert’s honesty; there is nothing contrived, artificial, affected or phony in Big Magic. It is very similar to her voice in her […]

Week of Pink ~ 10 Things to Learn from Adventures in Wonderland

Speaking of Love….I have been in love with Alice in Wonderland for as long as I can remember. From its original publication in 1865, Alice in Wonderland has taken the world by storm with its nonsensical, often absurd, fantasy. I could write a dissertation on all the major themes in this book, but below is […]

Girl At War

“The war in Zagreb began over a pack of cigarettes”….   I don’t want to say too much, so I will give you only this: Girl at War is a powerfully honest depiction of the Yugoslavian civil war told through the through the tender eyes of ten-year-old, Ana Jurić, who is desperately trying to understand the crumbling world […]