Why I Love Colossians 4.6

I am a catholic with the best of intentions, but admittedly, not always the best catholic. This being said,  I have worked hard to maintain my faith throughout the years, even if it is in small private moments. Colossians 4.6 is a verse that upholds my faith, and has become one of the strongest voices in my head… sometimes nagging at me like that one thing your “mother always says”. Faith aside, this verse should also be one of your personal mantras, because its message is an important one: words matter.

“Let your conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt” (Colossians 4.6).

According to the gospel, salt means goodness and strength of character. Colossians 4.6 reminds me that our conversations should always be mindful and demonstrate the strength of our character. Words weave lasting stories that offer us relatable, universal truths.  Even the voice trailing in our heads is the story we tell ourselves. Stories can make a complicated life simple, they make shattering pain bearable, and they make hope obtainable. Take care of these stories. Rewrite them so that they are empowering and not discouraging.

“Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and your words when you are with people” – unknown

The Romans & Greeks knew this importance centuries ago when they studied linguistics, rhetoric and competence.  I challenge you to uphold this ancient standard of merit. Be thoughtful, be wholesome, be purposeful, and be powerful with your words. The second half of Colossians 4.6, which isn’t shown above, states, “so that you may know how you ought to answer each person”. Expand your emotional intelligence and adjust your conversation, so that you can learn talk to anyone. Show grace under pressure (even when you want to rip your hair out).

Salt preserves, it purifies, and it flavors. Exude charisma, share knowledge, practice wit. Learn a new word each day. Craft your words into an expression of your greatest joys. Let your words be a shield against corruption. Spread grace.

my words are a work in practice. join me?


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Colossians 4.6

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