The Flower Shop with No Name

Last weekend, a girl friend and I spent some time wondering around this flower shop…with no name. Thats right, no name. They also don’t have an email address or any social media accounts, but this is exactly what makes them so special. Walking inside, you instantly want to slow down and simplify. The images below speak for themselves: tables of cleverly potted succulents, wooden boxes of dried florals, kitchen ladles and frying pans overflowing with vines and moss. The owner Vincent is truly an artist, and has created a one of a kind atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy and much as we did. with grace & salt,


Flower Shop

Flower Shop_16

Flower Shop_15

Flower Shop_14

Flower Shop_13

Flower Shop_12

Flower Shop_11

Flower Shop_10

Flower Shop_3

Flower Shop_9

Flower Shop_8

Flower Shop_7

Flower Shop_6

Flower Shop_5

Flower Shop_4

Flower Shop_2

For those of you that may be local, you can find Vincent’s shop on North Sycamore Street in Newtown, PA. Please confirm all significant orders 2-3 weeks in advance via text @609-649-1992 to Vincent.

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2 thoughts on “The Flower Shop with No Name

    1. Yes, isn’t it darling! Right on 532; across from goodnoes! Also, I would love to feature the store – we’ll do some fun photos and promotion xox you just tell me when!