Our Tasting with JAM Catering

We arranged a private tasting with JAM catering for our wedding. There is also the option to do a group tasting, but we wanted the moment to be intimate and memorable, so Ryan and I opted for a date night alone.

Tell the doorman at the Versailles building led us up to the JAM suite. Jeffrey Miller has a gorgeous apartment in center city Philadelphia, where were greeted by our private chef. Inside, we found a candle lit dinner for two and the menu we selected! We started with freshly prepared, seasonal hor d’oeurves and the wine which we brought with us. After some guidance from the chef on the process, our salad and entree selections followed.

We took notes throughout the process and felt very much a part of the menu crafting process. The chef answered all of our questions in great detail and made us feel welcome and comfortable. Obviously, the cake tasting process was the best part! We had a dozen selections of cake, icing and filing so that we could try a variety of combinations!

Everything, ambiance and conversation included, was exceptional. Our tasting became a wonderful memory of our wedding planning process!


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