5 Best Podcasts for the Creative Mind

This week I am grappling with creativity: what it means, where it stems from, what hampers it, and mostly how to find it when you are feeling lost. Below are my favorite 5 Podcasts for creative mind. The stories and mentors within these radio sessions help me to dig deeper and encourage me to keep doing the work.

1. TED:

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard of TED Talks (and hopefully you’re already a fan). The entire concept of TED is to provide a forum for “ideas worth spreading”. They cover a huge range of topics including, science, design, medicine, social change, and you guessed it: Creativity. When I last checked, there were over 150 TED talks specific to creativity. The series entitled: Where Do  Come From Series is a great place to start. Pay particular attention to the Elizabeth Gilbert session; its one of my all time favorites (I even shared the direct link on my homepage today).

2. Dear Sugar

Dear Sugar is an advice column for the lost and broken hearted that stemmed from author Cheryl Strayed’s book Tiny Beautiful Things. In this podcast, Strayed teams up with author Steve Almond to share passion, vision and honest advice that is sure to broaden your horizons and help defeat your demons, so that you can lead a flourishing creative life. “We are all here to build the house”…discover more @ Dear Sugar Radio

3. Adventures in Design

So much energy!!! Adventures In Design is a daily talk show by Illustrator Mark Brickey, where he talks business about what its like to live life as an artist and creative entrepreneur. I’ve heard it described as “sports radio for creative people”. If the rest of this is too soft for your taste, AID will not disappoint.

4. Magic Lessons

Feeling stuck in your creative work? Have you hit a roadblock you just can’t get past? Not even sure where to begin? Unlock the magic! First, read Liz Gilbert’s book Big Magic, about living a creative life beyond fear. Second listen to her new podcast Magic Lessons where she shares her advice on how to help you “pursue your passions like a mo-fo” – there is also inspiring guest input from a variety of renowned authors.

5. After the Jump

Talk about a dream mentor: Grace Bonnie owns and operates an incredible blog “Design Sponge”, servers as an author to many leading editorials, and also launched this podcast After the Jump to interview artists branding, social media, pricing, hiring employees, and essentially the craft. Grace Bonnie has been called “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by the New York Times. She is worth absorbing a new addiction.

So its time to shut up and start listening. If you want to be interesting, be interested.

with grace and salt, kirsten


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