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Sundays are for sharing, so today I thought I would share a 25 facts about me. The photos below were taken in a field near my home, which is by far, one of favorite to catch the sunset in Bucks County. My dear friend Kate will likely read this post and laugh at all the memories we have running around this field as children. I am fortunate enough to say most of my childhood was full of picturesque afternoons exploring the property around my parent’s home.  It instilled in me (and my brothers) a great sense of adventure, a deep respect for nature, and a true appreciation for the simple things in life.


One. I have a (not so secret) fat-kid obsession with McDonalds. I know, gross. Whatever, on SHR, french-fries are a vegetable.

Two. My day job is in Pharmaceutical Drug Research & Development. I currently work on a program thats aiming to better the lives of patients coping with mental illness.

Three. I typically move at lightning speed and I talk a mile a minute – my mother is always saying things like “Slow down Chatty Cathy” and “You are a bull in a china shop”.

Four. I love the feelingMore about Kirsten_4 of sun on my face more than anything in the entire world. Great for my soul, not so great for my skin.

Five. My standard Starbucks order: grande americano & a chocolate chip cookie; I always take my coffee black.

Six. I have a Carolina soul, and the Outer Banks is my favorite place on earth.

Seven. My middle name is a river in Paris.

Eight: I am super sensitive (sometimes to a fault).

Nine: My girlfriends from elementary school still get together annually for a (not so sophisticated) tea party.

Ten: I have an incredibly huge, incredibly wonderful family. Half Italian, Half Irish. I have been blessed with 30-some first cousins who are all my very best friends.

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Eleven: This barn door was the gateway to endless bike races, basketball tournaments, treasure hunts,  stubbed toes, bee stings, mower rides, and summer cook outs. I will always look back fondly on the memories it holds.

Twelve: Growing up as a tom boy taught me everything I need to know about taking care of myself. My parents have always encouraged us to be self sufficient.

Thirteen: Self improvement isn’t just an interest of mine, it’s a lifestyle. I am insatiably curious and love to read anything I can get my hands on.

Fourteen: I went to a small Catholic college in Philadelphia, PA, where I double majored in English writing & communication and minored in marketing. My masters is in business.

Fifteen: I hate cutting my hair and will always be a blonde at heart. I won best hair in high school, which still makes me laugh.

Sixteen: I share a birthday with my maternal grandmother, and my identical twin brothers were born just an hour past my third birthday. I desperately wanted one of them to be a girl, but when they arrived, I told my parents I would ‘love them anyway’. They are the best thing that ever happened to my life.

Seventeen: People closest to me rarely call me Kirsten. My family says Kira, Kiri, Kiki, Kikibuns, Kirste,

Eighteen: One day, I’ll write the book inside me.

Nineteen: I lMore about Kirsten_1ike a broad variety of music. I love going to concerts, finding new artists and singing. I meddle with the guitar, but I’m terrible…

Twenty: I have a deep appreciation for art. My parents are both artists by trade and taught us a great deal about the craft. I attend traveling exhibits whenever I can. My favorites include Da vinci’s sketches, Georgia O’Keffee, Renoir, Vermeer, and other impressionists.

TwentyOne: Part of me loves all things girl: make-up, hair products, new shoes, changing seasons, lip stick, nail polish, shopping, chick flicks, everything pink.

TwentyTwo: I have three gray kitties I adore: Emma, Willow & Jack. My mother and I saw a picture of a little kitten that read “Emma needs a Home” and the rest is history, Willow I found stuck in a gutter at a gas station, and Jack followed me home from class (perhaps with a little coaxing).

TwentyThree: I love antiquing, book and record exchanges, digging through junk stores, pulling over at yard sales, walking flea markets, and generally finding new joy in old things.

TwentyFour: My moms meatballs are my favorite food in the whole world. I love to eat, especially Italian food and the recipes that have been passed down in my family.

TwentyFive:  I love life. To be totally cliche, let me quote a country song:

“I love that ragged old barn, it was my whole world back in my innocent days…I love that little white church…I love my small town world…I love a Friday night…I love the sound of an old dirt road…I love this life”


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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein

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One thought on “25 Facts About Me

  1. I laughed so hard at the intro!! I miss this field, that beautiful barn, the crick, our woodland forts… and of course, you!! Lylas 🙂