Living Room: BEFORE

Ready for gross room #2?! The living room is the front room in the house – the first room you see when entering, and one of the first rooms I tackled.

Living Room at Showing

The images below are from the original listing or photos I took the first few days after settlement. Don’t you love the buttercup walls and the faux shaded sconces? Kidding of course, but despite needing a cosmetic makeover, I immediately feel in love with the old trim, original hardwoods and radiators.

The Great Floor Debate

Below is the empty living room, clear of the dated furniture and ready for reno. At this stage, I was actually contemplating whether or not to refinish the floors. The wear on them had a certain charm. But after a few weeks of debate, I decided I couldn’t hide enough of the damage with area rugs, and that I wanted a color richer than the warm pine.

Supplies on supplies on supplies!

The picture below was taken after the floors were sanded down. Isn’t the raw wood gorgeous! Walking in and seeing the floors being restored to their original beauty got me motivated for the hours of plaster patching and painting to follow!

Later that same day, we stained the floors with a mix of provincial and dark walnut. The below image is before the polyurethane, so you can get a good sense of the color as it was drying.

After the Satin polyurethane was complete, the floors really came to life!  They turned out just how I had pictured.

Fixing 120 Year Old Walls

And then the inevitable had to begin. The worst part about painting this house was the prep-work. Its difficult to tell from the images below, but the walls and ceilings were a mess with cracks and bumps. I had to patch and sand every square inch before I could even think of painting.

White Wash

But finally, after weeks of little sleep, numb fingers and a ton of help from my parents, we could finally say bye-bye to those glowing yellow walls. I toyed with a million paint colors for the front room, by landed on white (du jour from Valspar) to help brighten this space. I did the walls and ceiling in flat and the trim in the same color (semi gloss). Even the radiators got a white wash (although it took about 4 coats and 17 brushes to do them)!

Those curtains don’t looks so white against the fresh walls! I left them up for so long just because they offered a little bit of privacy while I was working – and still let in the daylight.

And this is what it looks like when you are exhausted and absolutely done with paint…

Stay tuned for the after shots!!

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with grace and salt, kirsten

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