Laundry Room: BEFORE

Welcome to the Salt House room #1 rehab. I can’t wait to walk you guys through our renovations.

Salt House Laundry Room: Before 

Posting these pictures is actually embarrassing! Despite how disgusting this room appears in the pictures below, I remember thinking how sweet it could be if given a little TLC – and I was right! It remains one of my favorite rooms in the house! If you think these photos LOOK bad, you should have SMELLED them! An awful stench smacked you in the face when opening the laundry room door because of the old, damp, indoor-outdoor carpeting. Ok, reno project numero uno, here we go!

Step 1: Get the Carpet and Appliances OUT

The 2 layers of carpet came up easily, but to my pleasant surprise [insert eye roll], broken, faux brick linoleum was waiting for me underneath:

Yes, the black stuff you see is mold.

Don’t you just love this washer dryer set (lol)?! I actually thought I may be able to get money for the pea green dryer – someone somewhere is probably collecting and refurbishing this model.

Removing the Linoleum

Removing the linoleum was awful. It was stuck onto the plywood subfloor and I had to chisel off every broken piece.

After I successfully removed all the tile,  I tried to salvage the existing subfloor but the musty odor hadn’t completely gone away. In addition, the floor was actually stained from the tiles and the plywood – the below picture is after the linoleum was all removed. Since I was laying a new floor on top, the stains didn’t matter much, but the plywood had started to split and splinter in several places. After some debate, I decided to pull the entire subfloor out and start fresh.

Laying a New Subfloor

To my delight, underneath that plywood subfloor was the original hardwoods from the 1800’s. At first I was ecstatic, but soon realized that these also could not be saved. There was bad water damage and the air from outside was coming right through the drafty floorboards. The room was in need of a well insulated replacement subfloor.

So presto-chango – new subfloor laid:

Time for the Magic to Happen

The room is a small addition on the back of the house and doesn’t get extensive traffic. Since this space functions as a mud/laundry room, I wanted something durable but less expensive that tile or hardwood.  I chose to lay a luxury vinyl product by Traffic Master (linked here) in the color “country pine”. It’s entirely water resistant, comes in a variety of colors, and I installed it myself with just an box cutter and a measuring tape. Home Depot has an easy instructional video on their website on how to properly install it.

Looks just as good as hardwood, doesn’t it?! After the floor was finished, the painting, lighting and new appliance install could begin! Stay tuned for the after shots. I will post them later this week!!

with grace and salt and a solid white wash!


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