Dining Room: BEFORE

Finalllly – after two weeks of staring at a stick note on my fridge that says ‘post the dining room before pics’, I have sat down to do it! Life has a way of getting crazy at the MOST inopportune moments, doesn’t it?!?

Below is the realtor picture that I first fell in love with! I know what you’re probably wondering that the heck I was thinking, but I loved the window trim, the original hardwoods and the abundance of light in this sweet little room.

Here are some quick snapshots I shot on my iPhone when I came to see the  house for the first time:



No dining space is complete without a recycling bin! The white door is actually an entry into the powder room. This was originally a side door entering onto the wrap around porch (prior to the addition).

Below you can see the color of the floors before they were refinished. Under the dining table was pretty damaged.

The patching and painting process:

These chairs I purchased secondhand from a friend of my mothers. I will post the after pics of them along with the rest of the dining room. Mmmmm 90’s plastic fruit, now we’re talkin’! All jokes aside, I still love this classic frame of these chairs. Rather than refinishing to a crisp white, as I originally intended, I ended up just cleaning them and touching up the paint because I decided I liked the warmth and wear of the cream.

I will link the after pics here when I post them!
with grace & salt, kirsten

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