White Slip Cover: Sneak Peak

Here is sneak peak of a wicker chair that I recently had slipcovered. At the moment, she’s resting in my storage unit waiting for her big reveal- but I thought I would give you a sneak peak of the before and after. It’s no secret that white upholstery is all the rage lately, and I am likely its biggest fan; however, before you go slipcovering your entire home, below are five things for you to consider:

Hand Made or Store Bought:

There are two options for slipcovering. I always recommend trying a store bought white slipcover before you get anything custom made. First, its typically less expensive. Second, it’s frequently a more casual look, which many people are going for – AND you can throw it in the laundry when needed. Also, it will give you a taste of what the upkeep is like if you are uncertain whether white is the right choice for you.

It Looks Pretty in Pictures, but It Gets Dirty:

Don’t lie to yourself. Keeping white upholstery clean is a continual challenge, especially if you have pets or children. It picks up blues from denim easily, it shows every crumb, every hair, every drip, and drop, and it gets gray in the areas that you touch most frequently (like armrests). White it looks beautiful in pictures, it may not be the most practical choice for your family room. I don’t want to discourage you, because I LOVE white, but just know that you’ll be covering it up with a blanket when guests aren’t around, and the Doritos aren’t invited to Netflix and chill.

Look for Good Bones:

I was able to snag the Green Ethan Allen arm chair below for a killer price! It was a floor sample, on clearance, and an unbelievable bargain for the quality. Fabrics are trendy and often change seasonally (wait until you see my dining room chair before-and-after pictures…scary). Replacing furniture isn’t easy or cheap. Instead, look for traditional shapes, buy at a bargain, and replace the upholstery with clean neutrals. This allows you to spend the money choosing a custom, high quality, durable fabric that you’ll LOVE. Plus, your pieces become one of a kind!

Shop Around: 

Most of the time, I have all my slipcovering done professionally. Before you drop off your fabric and furniture to anyone, shop around. Get online and do your homework. Find slipcovering services in the area and get several quotes before making a decision. It also may be a good idea to stop into a few places beforehand. Do they have a huge backlog? How many weeks do they need to complete the work? Do they have any guarantees on quality or satisfaction? Do you have to leave a deposit? Can you hold payment until the work is complete? Does the shop seem clean and organized? How long have they been in business? Do they charge extra for piping? Ask questions.

Don’t Be Cheap:

I always advise others to spend the extra buck for quality upholstery. This is not to say I don’t love a great deal; however, for your most used pieces, cheap is not smart. I know its tempting, given that there are literally hundreds of places to buy designer looks at bargain prices, but synthetic fabrics and composite woods will wear quickly, and in the long run, you will spend far more money replacing furniture every few years. Instead, save your money and purchase good quality, timeless pieces. You will have them forever- even if you need to slipcover them several times.

I’ll make sure to post pictures of this styled chair when its unpacked! Good Luck Loves!

With Grace, and Salt


White Slipcover_Before 4

White Slipcover Before_3

White Slipcover_1

Ivory Slipcover_2

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