Shelving the SHR Way

I recently purchased this glass door armoire and wanted to share some thoughts on the best ways to fill your shelving! I collect just about everything: books, vintage seltzer bottles, depression glass, primitive wooden bowls, white ironstone…(the list goes on), and being simplistic with shelving can be challenging when you have so many goodies!! Below are some tips and tricks on how to create balance:

  • Show off your collections by grouping small numbers (3-5) of like objects together
  • Alternate between horizontal and vertical arrangements
  • Turn books on their side, and use them to create height
  • Mix in elements of nature
  • Use all the space by creating layers (think foreground/background)
  • Combine old and new objects to create interest
  • Use items of varying sizes
  • Step back or take a photo: it may help you see gaps or recognize unappealing placements

Share with me your other tips below – and please send photos of your favorite shelves!

with grace – and salt, kirsten


Shelving 12

Shelving 7

Shelving 6

Shelving 5

Shelving 4

Shelving 2

Shelving 11

Shelving 10


Shelivng 8

Shelving 1

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