DIY Framing: Botanicals

I love all types of vintage prints, especially if they are reproductions (or even better, originals) of studies in a given field. Restoration Hardware by far, has the best selection of lithographs, surveys, schematics, herbariums and pressings, but as we all know, they come at a price. If you’re anything like me, these are a bit outside the budget, but thankfully, there are thousands of inexpensive and similar options. The prints below I purchased for ten dollars each at a boutique near my home in PA.

For these particular botanicals, I purchased a Eubank Acrylic Kit from Amazon (see below for link) to create floating glass frames. You may also be able to find these in a local frame or craft shop. They are inexpensive ($9-$12) and create a sophisticated look. I use them all the time! The only other things you will need for this project is a piece of foamcore for the backing (a few cents) and a cut piece of glass from your local hardware store (usually less than a few dollars).

  1. Using an x-acto blade, cut your foamcore to size.
  2. Unwrap and clean the glass from your hardware store carefully and completely on both sides. Using a coffee filter with Windex is the best technique because you won’t leave smear marks or lint on the glass.
  3. Place your print in between the glass and the foamcore. If the print is large and you are worried about it slipping in the frame, you can spray the back lightly with 3M Spray Mount Adhesive and adhere it to the foamcore. Word of caution: there is a small chance that the Spray Mount will seep through your print and cause bleeding, so test a small area first.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Uni Frame Kit and wind the strings around the acrylic clips until secure.

Click Here for Uni Frame on Amazon

with grace (and salt),


Botanical_Paris Prints_2

Botanical_Paris Prints3

Botanical_Paris Prints_3

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