The Salt House Road Story

“Let your conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt” (Colossians 4.6)


For centuries, salt has been used to heal, bathe, reduce inflammation, flavor, anoint and protect. It is both a historical and biblical symbol of strength and purity. Salt is an essential mineral in sustaining our lives and nourishing our bodies. It is present in our sweat and in our tears. It has even been claimed that the percentage of salt in our blood, is the same percentage of salt in the sea. Salt is basic, and so are we.

Our culture spends 90% of our time indoors and environment matters. The treasures we fill our homes with, the books we read, and the way we season our food define who we become and how we learn to love. We are the smells, sounds, and textures we choose to surround ourselves with. Our homes are a reflection of what we hold dear and what we want to portray to the world. At SHR, we believe in a combining a balance of old and new to create atmospheres that are both simple and inviting. Welcome to our house.

According to the Gospel, “salt” means goodness and strength of character. At SHR, we are on a mission to seek out goodness and beauty in all things. It is our quest for truth and simplicity, a decision to take the road less traveled, engage in the artistic process, and to share our story with the world. We carry with us a suitcase of outrageous blessings and we look forward to this journey. Walk with us?

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