Celebrating Your Inner Irish (plus a shamrock shake recipe)

Today, I will celebrate my inner Irish by honoring my paternal great grandmother, Bridget Kilkenny. She grew up on a sheep farm in a thatched roof home, with a dirt floor, in Mayo county, Ireland. I can’t imagine what it was like to leave home, not yet 20, and venture to the United States alone. Like so […]

Why We Wear Red Shoes on the Ides of March

I know its late for a blog post, but I am I’m so glad the black cloud of today has finally passed! It was a gray, rainy, cold day here in PA – and appropriately, the ides of March (Latin: Idus Martii or Idus Martiae). Now that the day is over (and hopefully free of tragedy) I […]

Ten Habits to Cultivate Creativity in Your Everyday Life

We so frequently limit the word ‘creativity’ to one’s capacity to be artistic; however, true creativity is more broadly the ability to recognize patterns, generate novel ideas, solve complex problems, and communicate solutions effectively. For this reason – strengthening our creative brains is important for all of us. Below are ten habits to help you cultivate […]

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Since this week is about creativity, there is no better book to feature than Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is the holy grail, The Secret of creative living. First, I just adore Liz Gilbert’s honesty; there is nothing contrived, artificial, affected or phony in Big Magic. It is very similar to her voice in her […]